Bride’s bouquet (1)

Design studio will provide unique and one of the kind bouquet for the bride. Colors and design will be decided by bride. Suggested flowers: roses, orchids, freesia, seasonal flowers.


Bridesmaids bouquets (3)

Bridesmaids bouquets will match to bridesmaids fashion and colors of the wedding. Suggested flowers: roses, mini orchids, seasonal feelers.


Ladies’ corsages (2)

Suggested design for corsages – wrist corsages will be provided for mothers. Also available designs: pin or small bouquet.


Gentlemen boutonnieres (6)

Gentlemen’s boutonnieres will match to ladies’ bouquets and corsages.
Groom’s boutonniere (1) will match to bride’s bouquet, bridal party (3) to bridesmaids bouquets, and fathers’ (2) boutonnieres will match to mothers’ corsages.



Rectangular or rounded Chuppa will be provided for your ceremony. Fabric based construction in white with built-in light).


Stage and steps cover

Ivory velvet material will be used to cover your stage and steps space.


Backdrop for ceremony with LED lighting

Behind stage, to cover the wall, design studio will provide a backdrop with up-lighting. Color of lighting will match to wedding color.
Design will match to the style of the stage décor.



Ivory velvet material will be used for aisle runner. It is the same material as
Stage and steps cover, to complete the look.


8 pedestals for floral c/p / build in LED lights/ on aisle

8 pedestals (aka columns) will be used along the aisle to make your ceremony more grand and memorable. On the top of pedestals we will use 8 centerpieces that will be re-located to guests’ tables later during the reception.


8 High floral centerpieces for guest tables

Floral centerpiece on the top of the vase or stand will be provided to decorate your guests’ tables. Colors and final design will be discussed with bride. Suggested flowers: roses, hydrangeas, stock, seasonal greenery. Candles (3-4) around the centerpiece will provide a finished look for your wedding décor.


8 guest tables low c/p decorations

Floral centerpieces that are copies of high centerpieces, but smaller, and stay lower on the table.


Place card table décor

Glass fusion centerpiece
Fancy vases in different size will be used to decorate place card table. Beauty of ambience of water, lighting, and flowers will create an unforgettable piece for your guests.


Head table décor

Backdrop with LED lighting (1)

Fancy backdrop with lighting (color to match to wedding colors) will be provided to cover the wall behind Head table (suggested size 15”Hx36”W).

Personal flowers

Bride’s bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, rose petals, open rose heads and candles will be used to decorate the front of bride’s and groom’s table.



Adjustable Package (click here)

With SaniMar Décor Studio you have the ability to choose your very own package. We offer flexible packages, where you can create your own deal and name your price, adjusting our services according to your customized budget. You have the ability to choose flowers, guest table décor and centerpieces for the tables by yourself right on our website. You will have the opportunity to see the total price right away and adjust the budget if needed.
With our flexible packages you can save money and be sure everything will be done, under contract. We guarantee you will not see any surprising charges! In the adjustable package you can choose flower décor, wedding stage décor, and decide what you would like to see at your wedding or any celebration.
In the fixed part of the budget package we offer our ideas, which are produced by best décor designers in the Chicago area. After you choose the package, which suits you and your needs perfectly, you can expect a consultation with our designer team to make it final, perfect and totally unforgettable.


How it works:


Step one: Choose a design option under each category and select the quantity you wish to have.
Step two: Watch prices add up or down on their own. If a price is too high, you have the ability to adjust the quantity in every category.
Step three:  Select between two exquisite Chuppa designs.
Step four: Select the style of aisle décor and the type of drapery you wish to see behind the head table or stage’s platform.
Step five: Fill out the required information at the bottom for us to get in contact with you and gain an understanding of a few wedding details.
Step six: Hit the “next” button to review an overall summary and “submit” the order.
Step seven: When you receive your confirmation email, be sure to click the “view” or “download” button toward the bottom of the message so you can view photos of your order. If you do not see your confirmation email, please check your spam folder or refresh your inbox.
Step eight: We will get in contact with you for exact colors and styles to finalize the package you envision for your special day.

Please note: The page session expires while you alter quantity so keep track of all numbers for every category.

Adjustable Package Table (click here)

Traditional Jewish Wedding

Quantity Price range by SaniMar Total
Bride's bouquet
design #1 (click to view) $125
design #2 (click to view) $150
Bridesmaid bouquets:
design #1 (click to view) $50
design #2 (click to view) $45
Corsages for Mothers
design #1 (click to view) $15
design #2 (click to view) $20
Boutonnieres for Groom, Groomsmen & Fathers
design #1 (click to view) $7.50
design #2 (click to view) $7.50
Guest table decor
High floral centerpieces
design #1 (click to view) $125
design #2 (click to view) $150
Low floral centerpieces
design #1 (click to view) $60
design #2 (click to view) $65
design #3 (click to view) $70
Glass Fusion
design #1 (click to view) $55
design #2 (click to view) $70
Ceremony Decoration
Stage Decor, Stage and steps cover
design #1 (click to view)
design #2 (click to view)
Aisle Decor
Runner 5' W ivory runner to completely cover space between columns,
8-10 columns with electrical up-light and mirror top chiffon swags between columns Columns topped with guest table centerpieces
design #1 (click to view)
design #2 (click to view)
$1 450,00
Drapery behind head table or band stage 14h 36W with LED lighting
design #1 (click to view) $500
design #2 (click to view) $500
design #3 (click to view) $500

Labor, delivery, set-up, and pick-up fees as well as tax charges will be added after your final choice during consultation with designer

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